Chick chick chick chick chicken

The weekend saw the arrival of our chickens and proved an incredibly popular addition after school today! We have gone for 2 “Oxford Brown” chickens known for their lovely calm demeanour and standard brown eggs. A new pet policy and risk assessment are now in place. The chickens are housed in their own spacious coop in the garden. Rest assured that stringent hygiene measures will be adhered to at all times.

Childminding: The Great British Summer!

Here at Early Years and Beyond we are “All weather walkers”. With the unpredictability of the British Weather that can mean raging gales on the school run one day and basking in the sunshine the next! On colder, wetter days we are thankful school is just a 5 minute walk away!

Childminding: Child Safety Week

This week is CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) ‘Child Safety Week’ so we’ve enjoyed some activities and lively discussions about safety within the home. We discussed  “Stop, drop and roll” – a simple fire safety technique taught to children in the event of a fire within the home.