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School starting age

I was interested to read this story in the news regarding differing school starting ages –

My son, a Summer born baby, will start school just aged 4 which I feel is extremely young but what age is a good age to start school and just how long should we keep children learning through play?

In the news…Working Dads

I completely agree with Maria Miller of the Women and Equalities Committee here who says “Workplace policies have not kept up with the social changes in people’s everyday lives,” and adds that “outdated assumptions” about men’s and women’s roles in relation to work and childcare” is a further barrier to change.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The children have really enjoyed making Mother’s Day cards for their Mums this week. It was a lovely, simple activity that they could all enjoy from the youngest at 2.5 years old to the eldest at 5 years old.

Stickers feature heavily in our setting because all the kids love them and they don’t require any preparation. Its great for them all to sit around the table and chat and to develop their concentration and fine motor skills.

Areas of Learning covered: Communication & Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development (Fine Motor Skills)


And we’re off!

The start of a new year and back to work.

The playroom has undergone a good clean, the high chairs are back out, the nappy changing area set up, the book shelves organised, the toys cleaned and set out, the carpets and furniture vacuumed and vaxed, the garden tidied and tired outdoor toys hosed down and cleaned all ready for a new year of fun and play. Happy New Year everyone!



In the news…tax-free childcare scheme delayed

I am signed up to the new tax-free childcare scheme but have also signed the petition to keep childcare vouchers open beyond April 2018. The petition has reached more than 100,000 signatures and therefore Parliament will debate the petition on 15 January 2018.

What does the new scheme mean for you, are you pleased or not?



The decline of nursery rhymes

I came across this story today which I thought was interesting.

A while ago my son showed no interest in nursery rhymes (much to my dismay!)  despite my desperate attempts to teach him some. So I was delighted when he started pre-school and would come home singing them. I remember pacing up and down the living room with him as a tiny baby in a desperate attempt to get him to sleep by singing every nursery rhyme I could think of!

Here at Aston Childcare we enjoy nursery rhymes in books, on CDs we listen to and on poster cards.

I’m pleased to say that the other children in my care love nursery rhymes, I would have to say Twinkle Twinkle little star is their favourite! My personal favourite is Incy Wincy spider! What’s yours?