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Arts and Crafts: Spring Daffodil wreaths

We’ve just experienced the wettest winter on record and with Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis bringing some high winds as well it’s possibly one of the windiest too – certainly in the lifetimes of the little ones I look after.

So, the sight of golden, yellow daffodils in the garden, parks and village have been particularly welcome. During the recent half term break we enjoyed these gorgeous daffodil wreaths which lifted our spirits in this particularly gloomy Winter and served as a reminder that Spring is on it’s way!

Dreaming of Spring!

With all that snow now (hopefully!) behind us, here at Aston Childcare our thoughts are turning to Spring!

To get us in the mood we’ve been colouring these pretty flower and butterfly templates. I love these activities where the very youngest in the setting (17 months old) and the eldest (6 years old) can get involved.

Spring school runs

Rain, rain, go away! You wouldn’t know it today with the rain hammering down outside but the start of Spring was promising with bright blue skies, birds singing, the village sheep baa-ing, bright yellow daffodils in full bloom and the kids and I spotting our shadows as we enjoyed our walks to and from school…apparently its due to brighten up tomorrow!



Spring is here!

Here at Aston Childcare we are very excited about the arrival of Spring. Whilst we have got out every day throughout the winter there is no denying it is much nicer in warmer, drier weather!

Out in the garden this morning we were treated to a gorgeous blue sky and the lovely sound of the birds tweeting away. The lawn has had its first cut of the year, the daffodils are in bloom, green shoots are popping up on my hostas, my Camellia has got some lovely dark red buds on it, our herbs are doing nicely and the blossom on the tree is a sure sign that spring has arrived.