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Back to School: Name Tags

One of my top tips for those with children starting School is to label EVERYTHING!

I use mynametags who I can’t recommend highly enough.

We use ours for shoes, wellies, clothes, drinks bottles, lunch boxes and school bags. Ours have survived weekly goes in the dishwasher, the washing machine and dryer.

I can’t recommend them highly enough!

School Readiness: Starting School

This time last year I was nervously preparing for my son starting School. His first year has flown and I am so pleased he has settled in extremely well. This September sees one of my mindees start School too.

One of the things I did, both as a Mum and a Childminder, was to read lots of books with them about starting School. Children can identify with characters in the book and have the chance to explore different feelings and emotions they may feel when they first start.

Here at Aston Childcare our favourites are:

  • Topsy and Tim Start School by Jean and Gareth Adamson
  • Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • Goat goes to Playgroup by Julia Donaldson
  • Starting School by Franzeska G. Ewart

All available to buy on

Books for Starting School to be School Ready

In the news…

As childminders we do our best to ensure a child is school ready for when they enter their reception year. Part of our job is to read to our mindees, ensure lots of mark making materials are readily available, monitor their pencil grasp and ensure they can follow instructions and routines.

These formative years shape a child’s future and it is imperative that we give children the opportunities they need and deserve.


Back to School…School Readiness

With the children I look after in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) age range (birth to 5 years old), I am ultimately aiming to provide them with all the necessary skills for starting school.

Through all the activities we do, the resources I provide and the games we play we are establishing school readiness and a solid foundation for their future.

This road map is a great way to see if your child is on track for starting school.



School Readiness

In September one of my mindees will start primary school. It may seem a long way off right now but I’m sure the time between now and then will fly!

Here at Aston Childcare these are just some of the ways in which I get mindees “School ready”.

  • We read books about starting school such as Janet Ahlbergs “Starting School”
  • We talk about starting school and how mindees are feeling about it (nervous, excited etc)
  • Teach them to recognise their own name
  • Teach them to be independent by practicing putting on and taking off their own coats, shoes and socks.
  • Teach them to go to the toilet on their own and manage wiping themselves clean and washing their hands
  • Practise eating packed lunches and work out how to manage food wrappers or eat meals using cutlery.
  • Ensure children understand the importance and follow instructions such as “No” and “Stop”
  • Teach them to help with tidying up
  • Sit and read together
  • Offer lots of mark making activities
  • Practice lots of counting


In addition to the above I speak with parents and other settings about how I can help aid their transition. Hopefully this will help in ensuring we have happy school starters come September! J