Mud, mud glorious mud! Welcome to Aston Childcare’s new addition…our mud kitchen! I was toying with the idea of buying one for a while but couldn’t bear to part with £100 or more when I could see how easily one could be created given some old wood and the right tools. I therefore enlisted (bullied!) my partner in to making us one and we are thrilled with the result.

Made from all old wood we had lying around from various house projects this was free to make bar a couple of cheap washing up bowls.

The children have been loving playing with it and I have already witnessed so many ways that it is helping and enhancing their learning and I can also see many ideas for future learning.

In just a short space of time I have watched them talking, listening, describing and discussing what they are doing (Communication and  Language), filling up, carrying and using watering cans, containers and kitchen utensils (Physical Development), measuring water and other materials (Maths), developing relationships with one another through playing games and role play (Personal, Social and Emotional Development), exploring the properties and textures of moss, mud, sticks and leaves and experiencing and discussing nature (Understanding The World) and using their imagination (Expressive Arts and Design). I now plan to provide a blackboard for mark making and early literacy opportunities too.

In addition I have also witnessed many Characteristics of Effective Learning too including:

  • Playing and exploring: Finding out and exploring
  • Active learning: Being involved and concentrating
  • Creating and thinking critically: Having their own ideas

I have loved watching them be creative, role play, collaborate and communicate with one another and completely happy and contented whilst immersed in play.

As part of my continuous provision I plan to provide further opportunities to extend and develop their learning in every area over time.