Yesterday after lunch I set out an ‘Invitation to Play’ tray. What is an Invitation to Play? An Invitation to Play is just as it sounds. Inviting your child/children to play with certain materials. The adults job is to provide the collection of materials and the child’s job is to investigate, explore and play with as they like. Invitations to Play should be open ended with no set outcome at the end.

I filled it with lots of yellow items I could find – straws, pom poms pipe cleaners, stencils, paper and our latest batch of yellow playdough.

They both dived straight in –

“I need some pom poms…and some playdough”.

One of them grabbed a pencil and drew around the yellow pot in the playdough…

One wrapped the playdough up in the paper to make a sandwich…

It was really lovely to stand back and watch and listen what they made of it all and their own interpretations on how the items could be used.