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Halloween Themed Arts and Crafts

The children have been loving their Halloween themed Arts and Crafts the past week or so. We try not to start too early to avoid Halloween fatigue setting in! We’ve read spooky Halloween themed books, coloured pumpkin masks, painted and coloured fun, hanging bats and enjoyed lots of spooky stickers!

These were all enjoyed by children ages 2, 4, 5 and 6.

Stickers and Bats from our favourite Arts and Crafts suppliers Baker Ross.

A look back at 2018: Halloween

Things have been so busy since my son started school in September and as I adjusted to life as a school mum! So I wanted to take some time to have a little look back at what we have enjoyed here at Aston Childcare over the past few months.

First up, Halloween.

We had great fun making tissue paper plate pumpkins complete with cutouts of the kids hands. We enjoyed colouring in lots of ghoulish characters and the children enjoyed a Halloween themed snack after school. Finally, the children got a head start on their trick-or-treating with a Halloween goodie bag to take home.



Halloween happenings

I currently only look after children aged 2 ½ and under so Halloween doesn’t yet mean anything to them but we have been putting a little Halloween twist on some of our recent activities nevertheless. From messy play the youngest can be involved in, to stories we can all enjoy together, to puzzles for the older ones – we’ve all been involved.

  • Messy play: Messy spaghetti and playdough in blood red and black, the colour of darkness and green monster slime (gloop)
  • Books: Halloween sliding windows book, great for developing fine motor skills, learning new words and numbers and Tickle Monster by Edouard Manceau
  • Puzzles: Scary spider puzzle – Puzzles are huge here! We have far too many but love them all!

Areas of Learning covered: Physical Development, Mathematics, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Understanding the World.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Mwahahaha!