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Sensory garden

When we said goodbye to our chickens earlier this year I was determined to use the space for something the children could still all enjoy and benefit from. In their place we now have two raised beds, one for growing fruit and vegetables, and one which I am creating a sensory garden in.

I have made a start on this by planting the last of my sunflower seeds that I have used in previous years, I hope the bright colour and eye-catching flowers will be popular with this years mindees.

Along the front of the bed I have planted some mint taken from a cutting elsehwhere in the garden and also some basil and some rosemary which hopefully the children will enjoy using their sense of smell to enjoy.

Next up, I would like to plant something called ‘Lambs ears’. I loved this plant as a child, it has incredibly soft leaves which I hope the children will enjoy with their sense of touch.

I also plan to plant some lavender that we like to use our playdough for a more sensory experience.

I am pleased to report that the sunflowers have started to grow already and I will keep you posted as to how it all progresses.

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockleshells

And pretty maids all in a row.

We love our gardening here and are currently watching our beanstalks grow with interest. My 2 after schoolers enjoyed measuring the height of them after school today and they were an impressive 75 centimetres and 1 metre 8 centimetres respectively!

The mint we planted back in October last year is doing fantastically well. Next to the mint sits the rosemary which seems very hardy and smells divine.

The lavender on the table that we love to add to our sensory playdough sessions is coming to the end of its flowering season but has in past months been brilliantly coloured.

And finally, we have a plant marker all ready for our sunflowers that we planted back in March but as yet they haven’t made an appearance, we are hoping they will any week now! Stay tuned…!

Sunflower Success!


Way back in April we planted some sunflower seeds that have recently bloomed into gorgeous bright yellow flowers. We have tracked their progress measuring and watering them. Growing plant seeds with the children teaches them how nature works, responsibility in caring for something, an interest in environmental sustainability and pride in themselves for the results. Watching plants grow is a fun and educational experience for children and we can’t wait to try some more!