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Christmas: Part 2

I’ve forgotten how manic Christmas is at the end of the school term. Creative Christmas, Christmas hats, Christmas dinners, Christmas Fairs, Nativities, the list goes on…

Here, the children (Aged 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6) have been busy too with all things Christmas…aren’t they a talented bunch?!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and we’ll see you the other side in 2020!

Christmas: Part 1

Unlike many other Childminders, I point blank refuse to start anything Christmas related before 1st December! I like to avoid Christmas fatigue setting in before the big day which can be overwhelming in itself for children. That said, it doesn’t give us long to motor through all our Christmas related activities!

So far, the children have enjoyed pretty Snow Princess sticker scene boards and some fun Santas workshop ones. We have been reading Dear Santa by Rod Campbell and colouring in Christmas Present pictures. We have made some lovely cone angel decorations and decorated some wooden decorations for the children to take home for their Christmas trees.

The younger children have also been extending their vocabulary learning new words such as “halo” and “sleigh”.

Check back soon to see what other Christmas fun we have been having!

Farewell 2016

Well as Aston Childcare closes its doors on 2016 I wanted to share just some of what we enjoyed this month in the lead up to Christmas.

We read lots of Christmas books and learnt lots of new words, we rode around on our hobby horse reindeer(!), we had lots of fun with our Christmas inspired playdough, we explored ice outdoors, we did lots of arts and crafts with lots of sticking and gluing and we learnt about shapes whilst making snowmen and Christmas Trees.

It’s been a fantastic year which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I am so lucky to have such lovely children to look after and blessed with lovely parents who make my job easy and enjoyable.

I hope you all had a lovely year and see you in 2017!

Areas of Learning covered: Communication and language, Physical development, Mathematics , Expressive Arts and Design , Understanding the World, Personal, Social and Emotional Development  and Literacy

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree!

This morning with the baby asleep I set out this simple craft activity for my own son and my 2.5 year old mindee. They loved using their fine motor skills to glue and stick the baubles on. We spoke about the shape of the baubles. They discussed which colour baubles they were going to use next and decided where each bauble would go. They were very proud of their designs once finished showing them off to any visitors that came to the door. I think you’ll agree they did a great job!

Areas of Learning covered: Physical Development, Communication and Language, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design and Personal Social and Emotional Development.

Seasonal Crafts: Snowmen

Sometimes I set up a craft activity for the children that lasts 10 minutes, other times it really captures their interest and lasts an hour. Today was one such time! We set out to make a snowman each but by the end of our session the children had produced a whole snow family!

We discussed the parts of the body – head, body, eyes. We explored circles, we counted how many buttons we had, how many eyes we needed. We chatted throughout and had a lovely time, I was so pleased with how the snowmen turned out and the children loved them!

I stepped back to allow them to complete their snowmen how they liked and so as not to interrupt their thought process, this resulted in some wonderfully fun designs.

Areas of Learning covered: Communication & Language, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Mathematics, Physical Development, Expressive Arts and Design

Characteristics of Effective Learning: Active Learning

Christmas holidays!

We had a great start to the Christmas holidays today. As today was the first day of the holidays I hadn’t planned anything educational for the children but when I reflected on the day I realised just how many areas of learning we had covered.

This morning they had a great arts and crafts session. They coloured Christmas badges and decorated tree decorations (baubles, angels, Christmas trees and stars) with glitter and pens.

This morning during their free play session they loved the nursery rhyme laminated print outs I have in the playroom and had great fun reciting them and changing the words and inserting our names to make for funnier ones “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, Emily jumped over the moon” and “Joshua ran away with the spoon”!

This afternoon we braved the park despite the strong winds! They kept requesting to stay longer and longer so we were there for a good 2 hours! They loved the swings requesting that I push them higher and higher and enjoyed pushing me faster and faster on the roundabout! We ran about and explored and being the only ones there was lots of singing and shouting! We found lots of mushrooms and some interesting pieces of bark.

Back home, they enjoyed catching Roald Dahls James and the giant peach and Jack and the beanstalk that were showing on tv.

Areas of learning covered: Communication & Language, Literacy, Understanding the world, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development, Mathematics

Christmas themed playdough


I have tried to hold off on Christmas crafts so far in a bid not to exhaust the theme!  However, yesterday our playdough session took on a decidedly Christmassy theme! We had great fun making snowmen, holly, Christmas trees, candy canes, stars and even Father Christmas himself!

I love playing with playdough, it’s definitely my favourite activity to do with my mindees. Yesterday reminded me how it’s fantastic for Personal Social and Emotional Development as we worked together to create things, sharing ideas, waiting our turn to use the playdough rolling pins and cutters.  It’s fantastic too for Communication and Language, we sat and chatted about what we were making, sometimes drifting off into conversations about their morning at pre-school and such like. Clearly it’s great for Expressive Arts and Design with the children using their imagination in their creations and exploring materials.  It covers Maths (Shapes, sizes, halving, counting etc) and finally, it’s also great for Physical Development and uses fine motor skills as mindees roll and manipulate the playdough and hold and control the rolling and cutting tools.