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Call to improve toddler safety

Whilst watching the news at the weekend I saw a report on a call to improve toddler safety within the home.

Emergency doctors and safety campaigners are calling for a national home-visiting scheme to help prevent injuries to toddlers. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) say it would make a “huge difference”.

The report said that burns and scalds, falls, asphyxiation and poisoning all represent major threats to 0-5 year olds and said that the solution to the problem is very simple.

The report said that this age group is particularly prone to injuries in and around the home resulting in nearly half a million visits to AE in England each year.

Interestingly I recently had a very lively discussion (well, a disagreement!) on safety and baby-proofing with another childminder. She suggested that I was hampering their development and sense of exploration by “baby proofing” my home. I explained that I aim to provide a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment where children are free to explore but whilst maintaining safety and vigilance at all times. I am interested to know others thoughts on the subject!

Here at Aston Childcare I have the following measures in my home –

  • Stair gates to prevent unaccompanied access to the kitchen where there are knives, cooker and cleaning agents and to prevent any unaccompanied climbing of the stairs.
  • “Safety Blind Cord Lock Away” on all window blinds
  • Soft floor coverings
  • Draw and cupboard locks
  • Hydraulic ram fitted to toy box to prevent fingers jamming
  • Choking hazards identified and removed

I don’t use socket covers on advice from RoSPA as they say “13-amp power sockets made to BS 1363 (which we have) incorporate a shutter mechanism, which prevents inappropriate access to the live connectors. Therefore, RoSPA does not consider it necessary to recommend the use of socket covers”.

I also haven’t opted for safety corner guards as I haven’t yet found any that don’t fall straight off!

I think it’s ultimately better to be safe than sorry and I am not willing to take a risk that I can see can be eliminated. I think the call for home safety checks is a fantastic idea and the more awareness around safety for 0-5’s the better.

RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) have a great website which I always turn to for safety advice.

Stay safe!

Childminding: Child Safety Week

This week is CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) ‘Child Safety Week’ so we’ve enjoyed some activities and lively discussions about safety within the home. We discussed  “Stop, drop and roll” – a simple fire safety technique taught to children in the event of a fire within the home.