I can’t always be sure when I suggest an activity that it will excite or engage the children, but I was reasonably confident when, one evening after school, I suggested they make their own Rocket Colour-in Gliders. “YEHHH!!” came the response.

They each excitedly picked the different parts to make up their gliders, and then set about colouring them. There was much debate about how they fixed together to form the correct glider shape and a few last minute adjustments to create their perfect glider.  Once they were happy, they (rather too enthusiastically!) flew them around the kitchen mostly aimed at my head(!) before heading out to the garden to try them outside.

“You need to face where the wind is” they encouraged one another.

After a while they rushed back in, asking to make another one so that they could pitch their first gliders against their second.

I’d call that a hit!