Way back at the beginning of last year well before pandemics, face masks and social distancing were part of our everyday language we were taking a good old look at…ourselves!

The children had great fun re-creating themselves and various family members with these fun head and body cut outs. Meanwhile the babies and little ones enjoyed spending time looking in the mirror. This helps boosts their sensory development as babies discover their reflection and learn about who they are. The toddlers and pre-schoolers enjoyed looking at our “All about me” book which helps them learn where their features are.

The children loved chatting away as they did these discussing the things that make them unique, how they see themselves, their special interests and important people in their lives –

“That looks nice, that’s your skin”

 “I’ve got ginger hair”.

“Mummy says my hair is golden”

“Mummy, what colour are my ears?”

“What colour is my hair?”

Your hair is brown”

“What colour are my lips?”

Learning about what we look like and who we are is a great first lesson in diversity, learning that we are all different and that’s ok.

Didn’t they do well?!

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