Month: January 2019

A look back at 2018: Gardening

In 2018 as well as planting and growing our annual sunflowers which, this year were a mixed success(!) we also planted some herbs, fruit and vegetables. We had some success with rhubarb and also with mint. However, despite also planting some peppers, courgettes and onions, only the carrots proved fruitful – I blame the weather!

We will be having another go in 2019 and hope to report better success!!



A look back at 2018: Scarecrow art and craft

Back in September, the children enjoyed decorating these fantastic scarecrows with some out of date store cupboard ingredients and some straw we found on one of our walks.

I am not usually a big fan of using food for arts and crafts and messy play as it strikes me as rather wasteful in our current climate. However, when I came across some red lentils and pudding rice from my sons weaning days that had gone out of date in 2017, I thought they would be fantastic to use for this craft project. Aren’t they fun?!