Month: November 2017

In the news…

As childminders we do our best to ensure a child is school ready for when they enter their reception year. Part of our job is to read to our mindees, ensure lots of mark making materials are readily available, monitor their pencil grasp and ensure they can follow instructions and routines.

These formative years shape a child’s future and it is imperative that we give children the opportunities they need and deserve.


Goodbye Autumn

Today marks the end of Autumn, where has the time gone?!

I love Autumn, I am glad the heat of the Summer has passed, I am not rushing to cover the children in suncream or hats or frantically hydrating them and cooling them down and I love seeing the first blackberries on hedgerows and pulling on extra cosy layers.

As a childminder it’s a lovely time of year to be with the children. Here at Aston Childcare we have spent this season jumping in crunchy Autumn leaves, blackberry picking, collecting conkers, doing arts and crafts inspired by bonfire night and Halloween, exploring acorns, conkers and leaves in our nature tray and chatting about hibernation.

Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter.

In the news…tax-free childcare scheme delayed

I am signed up to the new tax-free childcare scheme but have also signed the petition to keep childcare vouchers open beyond April 2018. The petition has reached more than 100,000 signatures and therefore Parliament will debate the petition on 15 January 2018.

What does the new scheme mean for you, are you pleased or not?



The decline of nursery rhymes

I came across this story today which I thought was interesting.

A while ago my son showed no interest in nursery rhymes (much to my dismay!)  despite my desperate attempts to teach him some. So I was delighted when he started pre-school and would come home singing them. I remember pacing up and down the living room with him as a tiny baby in a desperate attempt to get him to sleep by singing every nursery rhyme I could think of!

Here at Aston Childcare we enjoy nursery rhymes in books, on CDs we listen to and on poster cards.

I’m pleased to say that the other children in my care love nursery rhymes, I would have to say Twinkle Twinkle little star is their favourite! My personal favourite is Incy Wincy spider! What’s yours?