Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….

This week (Jan 28th~4th February 2017) is National Storytelling Week.

The Society for Storytelling  explains how 

 “Over the past 24 years The Society For Storytelling has achieved much in its mission for the promotion of the oral tradition of storytelling, the very first way of communicating life experiences and the creative imagination.

National Storytelling Week takes place in storytelling clubs, theatres, museums, schools, hospitals, spoken word venues, and care homes. Where the events take place, the web of stories will be spun with sufficient magic between the breathe of the teller and the ear of the listener.

National Storytelling Week is celebrated by all ages. Folk tales, fairy lore, figments, phantoms, dragons, serpents, storms at sea. A good teller will conjure intriguingly.

Here at Aston Childcare I try to do my best to foster a love of books and storytelling. Encouraging a love of storytelling at an early age is an excellent way to nurture children’s creativity and sense of play.

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