On Friday I had some errands to run and a trip to the village post office and shop were in order. One of the great advantages of children being looked after in a childminding setting is that they can experience lots of real life experiences. I don’t believe the children should ever be subjected to a weekly supermarket shop, I think such things should be done on our own time but I do think quick focused trips like this are fun and educational. It is also a great opportunity to teach children road safety and promote positive behaviour by setting out expectations beforehand and having the children follow instructions.

Armed with our parcels the children were very excited to be heading off to the post office. We greeted the man behind the post office counter and the children waited patiently before they needed to hand over each parcel. They watched with great interest as he entered the details in to his till, stuck the labels on the parcels, told me the price, watched me hand over the money and him provide me with my receipt. We thanked him at the end for his help and wished him a good day.

Once back at home the children played with our wooden teddy bear postbox and letters and our toy till, clearly inspired by their trip to the post office. Our postbox toy is incredibly popular with all the children and  introduces them to colours and helps them learn about the world.

Other related resources are our fantastic puppets by the puppet company – one of a postman and one of a postmaster as part of our “people who help us” set.

The children love it when the postman knocks on our door (most days!!) and run to say hello and see what he has for us.

Areas of Learning Covered: Understanding the World, Communication & Language, Mathematics, Literacy, Physical Development




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