Today we headed off to Soft Play. For the first time in a while we weren’t restricted by any time constraints with the baby’s morning and post lunch naps so I took my son and my 2.5 year old mindee off to Soft Play. The last time I went was with a school aged mindee in the school holidays.

To say they loved it is somewhat of an understatement! I loved seeing them run around enjoying themselves (Physical Development), interacting with other children (Communication & Language) and managing their behaviour and feelings over sharing toys with strangers (Personal, Social and Emotional Development). I even observed some mathematical learning (Mathematics) taking place as they had fun fitting large foam shapes in to the corresponding shapes on the wall (circle, hexagon, triangle and square)!

When done occasionally in this way these kind of outings can be real treats and I think this contributed to their excitement.

Love it or hate it Soft Play provides many benefits for children as I witnessed today covering many areas of learning and an excellent chance to observe some Characteristics of Effective Learning.



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