This week we took a look at where our food comes from with a fun picture quiz. The children loved this and loved shouting out the answers. Some they knew and some they didn’t know or were unsure about.

So we learnt that – Carrots and potatoes grow under the ground, cabbages grow above the ground, pears and apples are grown on trees, broccoli and strawberries grow on a plant, fish fingers can be made from cod, tomatoes grow on a vine and herbs can be grown in pots and then of course the ones they knew – milk comes from dairy cows, beef burgers from beef cattle, eggs from hens and that sausages are made from pork from pigs.

A recent study revealed just how little the latest generation of youngsters know about the foods they eat and the animals that produce them.

One in five have no idea bacon comes from pigs – while one in 20 think we get cheese from them.

There is a similar ignorance about fruit and veg. Five per cent believe strawberries grow inside the fridge, while six per cent think they grow on trees.

Over a quarter, 28 per cent, have no idea that carrots grow underground, with 9 per cent, believing they grow on a bush.

And six in ten admitted they didn’t know lettuce grew on the ground while a massive 78 per cent didn’t know broccoli grew on a plant.

Here at Aston Childcare we like to take a healthy approach to eating and that of course includes knowing the origins of the food we eat. Keeping chickens in the garden is a great way to teach children where food comes from. They know exactly where the eggs have come from when they eat their scrambled eggs for lunch as they’ve collected the eggs from the coop themselves!

As with lots of things we do, this activity ended up in role play with the children playing a quiz game each taking on the part of the scary quiz master! They turned a cardboard box into their podium from which to read the questions and rustle their papers on!

Areas of Learning covered: Understanding The World, Communication & Language, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design

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