I have tried to hold off on Christmas crafts so far in a bid not to exhaust the theme!  However, yesterday our playdough session took on a decidedly Christmassy theme! We had great fun making snowmen, holly, Christmas trees, candy canes, stars and even Father Christmas himself!

I love playing with playdough, it’s definitely my favourite activity to do with my mindees. Yesterday reminded me how it’s fantastic for Personal Social and Emotional Development as we worked together to create things, sharing ideas, waiting our turn to use the playdough rolling pins and cutters.  It’s fantastic too for Communication and Language, we sat and chatted about what we were making, sometimes drifting off into conversations about their morning at pre-school and such like. Clearly it’s great for Expressive Arts and Design with the children using their imagination in their creations and exploring materials.  It covers Maths (Shapes, sizes, halving, counting etc) and finally, it’s also great for Physical Development and uses fine motor skills as mindees roll and manipulate the playdough and hold and control the rolling and cutting tools.

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