Month: June 2015

Our cooking creations


Cooking offers children a variety of learning experiences. It’s a practical way to teach children basic life skills, as well as academic skills involving reading, science and maths so what better excuse for making and consuming fairy cakes! We went for pink icing and chocolate sprinkles today!


The week has got off to a good start with our chickens laying their first egg! There have been a number of worrying reports in the news that children don’t know where their food comes from with some children thinking that tomatoes grow under ground and that potatoes grow on bushes or trees. Keeping chickens offers a wonderful opportunity to teach children where food comes from and to respect and appreciate the food they eat.

Our first egg!

Heatwave on its way….

According to reports we are due a heatwave next week! Children cannot control their body temperature as efficiently as adults during hot weather and so are more susceptible to heat related illnesses. I have a “heatwave plan” in place and will be taking measures to keep children cool and safe during the hot spell.

Internet Safety: Zip It, Block It, Flag it

Here at Aston Childcare a laptop is provided for children wishing to access the internet or hone their IT skills! The laptop is installed with special child safety software to ensure children are kept safe online. One of my fears as a new parent is my child growing up in a world prevalent with the internet and social media.  The simple “zip it, block it, flag it” message encourages children to:

  • Zip it – keep your personal stuff private and think about what you say and do online
  • Block it – block people who send you nasty messages and don’t open unknown links and attachments
  • Flag it – flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks to meet you offline


There are some more helpful pointers about internet safety online for parents on the NSPCC website –

Chick chick chick chick chicken

The weekend saw the arrival of our chickens and proved an incredibly popular addition after school today! We have gone for 2 “Oxford Brown” chickens known for their lovely calm demeanour and standard brown eggs. A new pet policy and risk assessment are now in place. The chickens are housed in their own spacious coop in the garden. Rest assured that stringent hygiene measures will be adhered to at all times.